Friday, August 27, 2010

can't believe it

"An eternal marriage is eternal. Eternal implies continuing growth and improvement. It means that man and wife will honestly try to perfect themselves. It means that the marriage relationship is not to be frivolously discarded at the first sign of disagreement or when times get hard. It signifies that love will grow stronger with time and that it extends beyond the grave. It means that each partner will be blessed with the company of the other partner forever and that problems and differences might as well be resolved because they are not going to go away. Eternal signifies repentance, forgiveness, long-suffering, patience, hope, charity, love, and humility. All of these things are involved in anything that is eternal, and surely we must learn and practice them if we intend to claim an eternal marriage."
-F. Burton Howard-
My life is more whole. My heart has grown. My love is eternal. 
It's been one whole year of marriage for us two love birds
and as I ponder about our year together and our marvelous
wedding just a year ago,
I think of all the love songs that sing of
love only lasting until life is over.
I'm glad our love and life together are eternal.

photo by Brittany
also I loved the advice that Jalene gave on her guest post on love you long time


  1. this made me want to cry!!!! i adore this! and your blog :)