Monday, August 16, 2010

the last sunday

Our last Sunday in Texas was yesterday! And we decided to take the trip out to Corpus Christi. 
Good times.

  1. We listened to lots of Prince of Egypt and chatted all the way there.
  2. Ate lunch at Whataburger (a Texas treasure that was born in C.C.) was alright.
  3. Relaxed on the beach with half of Texas and had a great time! Also got sunburned and munched on Kettle Corn, the best beach snack ever.
  4. Looked around a few of the cheesy souvenir shops. Found one with a big sandcastle statue on the front. Thought that was neat.
  5. Craved some seafood and found a place called Scuttlebutts. Yum. (He had fish tacos. I had a soft shell crab sandwhich.)
  6. Drove home with sand between our toes :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend! We're driving home next week!!!