Monday, September 13, 2010

3 weeks later...

It's been 3 weeks since we journeyed back from Texas and we have been busAY!
First we...
...stopped in Arizona to see baby Nelson and family, enjoyed Roclette, went to the aquarium and such.
...returned home to Utah with the windows rolled down (thank heaven for fall weather!)
...found refuge at the in-laws til we found our apartment.
...celebrated our 1 year anniversary by helping a friend out with her wedding reception. We traveled to Grandpa Sheril's cabin the next day which was lovely.
...Griffin somehow got registered for classes just in time for school to start. Magic. He's at BYU now!
Then we...
...moved all of our stuff to our spacious new apartment. Also purchased some new couches! Pictures to come later.
...went to John Mayer concert!
...we've enjoyed being able to hang out with everyone again! We went to the Timpanogoes Storytelling Festival, went 4-wheeling with the fam, played volleyball, went bowling, and made a few dinners for friends who come to visit.
Now we've (kind-of) settled down, I seem to be just as bored as when we were away ha! Griff has homework,school,and work (in that order) all day every day, and I still have a job to find. Wish me luck and/or let me know if you know of any place that is hiring!

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