Monday, October 11, 2010

little miss crafty

Hello blog world. I have been on a crafting rampage and thought I'd share a few with you.
This is our handmade Color Me Mine project. I know, who knew they had butter dishes right?

This is my newspaper glitter leaf garland.

I found instructions on how to make tassels in last months Martha so I put 'em on a basket.

This is our pallet box. I can't really take credit for this cuz Griff did the hard work. Don't worry, there will be curtains under there soon. (Those are our new couches!)

And this is one of my cute Halloween banners I made with my mom at a Super Saturday.

Don't worry, there's more. If you come over to visit, you'll see more. And maybe I'll have a nice treat for you too.


  1. i'm coming. but really. why has it been so long??

  2. soo cute! talented just like your mama!