Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra"

Oh Christmas, you were so good this year. You never seem to dissapoint. With all the time spent with loved ones, who could complain. I loved all my great presents from husband, including this and this, dancing my heart out with the new Kinect. No lie, my favorite part of Christmas is watching other people open their presents, whether it's that cute sweater they saw at Target or the iPad they've been oogling at the store. I got to watch A Christmas Story for the first time ever and loved it. Hilarious! Of course we snacked and ate to our hearts content. And even though it didn't snow, the sun warmed my heart and made it easier to travel from family to family.

Thank you Christmas. We'll see you next year!


  1. i'm not sure where..
    but here's a site

  2. i secretly loved the sunny morning. love you gretch!

  3. Your first time seeing Christmas story!? I'm glad you had fun!