Friday, January 14, 2011

lets take a trip...

...down memory lane. Whenever I get bored (like this morning at work) I love to look at old pictures. Here are some of my favs.
Oh boy. So many memories. This is when I became best friends with my best friends (ha) Choir trip to Disneyland. People shouldn't be allowed to have as much fun as we did. Cuddling on the bus, flirting with truck drivers, riding space mountains 2 times in a row, kissing boys on buses. That was a good time.

This was in Switzerland! I used to nanny for this family. They went to live in Switzerland for a summer because their dad was going to an international school over there. I got to go visit them and help out for 3 weeks right after graduation! My first airplane ride (by myself and over the Atlantic ocean no less), Swiss chocolate, tried to speak french, I learned so much along with these kids. Sometimes if I wanted to go out, I had to go out by myself. It was really the first time that I had done so ever and I was in a foreign country. Boy, did I learn a lot about myself. I miss this family.
By the way, those kids are basically not kids anymore. Ok just kidding but they are definetely not little anymore.

That is my father. A few years ago we got to go on a cruise! We had a few lay-overs and this is what he brought to pass the time. That's right, one of his old text books for some "light" reading. Can you say NERD! I love this picture though. I still laugh everytime I see it.

This was the summer right after graduation. For Amy's birthday, we had fun playing down at the Riverwoods, finding cat mannequins, eating some yummy food at Macaroni Grill and being sung to by a wanna-be Italian Opera singer. We were so young. Times have changed but we are still the best of friends.

This is my hottie husband, then boyfriend. We used to take an institute class together when we were dating. We had an hour to kill between his last class and our institute class. We spent a lot of time in the car. No it's not what you think. We talked and joked a lot. This is him trying to squeeze into my leather jacket. We would talk about our future and plan trips,our marriage, our kids names. I miss it sometimes. If I could have an hour in the middle of the day to just hang out with my husband, I would take it!

What are some of your greatest memories? Oh and...HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!

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