Thursday, April 14, 2011

april showers bring april flowers

I was not the happiest pregnant woman yesterday. I hadn't seen my husband all week (finals) plus I was just tired and grumpy. So I left work a little early and  headed to my favorite store, which can always brighten a gloomy day. I stopped and said hi to my lovely family, who I don't get to spend that much time with. They make me so happy because they are so excited for this baby. I also got to break the news to some old friends with the cutest kids ever. 
I got home and Griff surprised  me with this bucket of flowers. They look like little suns to me which is just what I needed. A good night got even better when we went and got some frozen yogurt (which I crave all the time)  and then settled in to watch some Modern Family.

Life is good :)

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  1. see that little shop is just a happy maker!
    i'm excited for that little one too...the first baby that the girls will have! hopefully there will be many more to come.;D