Monday, June 20, 2011

a day late and a dollar short

Hope everyone got to enjoy Father's Day with dear old dad.
I sure did.
And we got to celebrate Griffin's soon-to-be Father's Day.
to my baby daddy,
i can't believe this time has come.
i knew when we first started spending time together, that you, my dear would be a great dad.
this baby is going to think you're the funniest, smartest man that ever lived, i just know it.
i can picture you, in a few years, teaching baby boy how to swim like a fish, and how to throw a football.
10 years from now, helping not-so-little boy make the coolest science project around.
16 years from now, teaching him how to handle a car, and maybe a few lessons on girls.
and just a few months from now, holding our sweet little boy.
i can't wait to see your eyes light up when you hold that little boy in your arms.
i love you the most x infinity whatever you say

to my dear old dad,
thanks for laughing when i put 1/2 cup of salt in the meatloaf instead of 1/2 tsp.
thanks for teaching me how to build a fire.
thanks for staying up late until i got home from that date.
thanks for helping me to appreciate good music.
thanks for spoiling me and my sisters.
thanks for loving me. and thanks for loving Griffin.
thanks for everything.
i am so excited for you to be a grandpa. i am so excited to introduce this baby to you in november. this little boy will love his papa john who will be the best cuddler and will sneak him treats. you two will be best buddies.
i love you lots and lots

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