Friday, June 10, 2011

spreadin' the love

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Today, I am noticabley happier than any other day and I think I can tell you why.

I left a little love note on husband's car with one of his favorite candies.

Sounds silly right?
I'm making it a goal to do something nice and out of the ordinary for Griff or my other loved ones at least once a week.
Nothing huge, just something little that will make that person smile.
I realized that I have been so ho-hum, wo is me lately,
and I'm tired of it.  
Plus, so many people have been doing nice, out of the ordinary things for me lately, that I wanted to share the love.

*Please note that I am not telling you this to look good. It's mainly so I have record of this goal and maybe have someone to report to...

Has anybody ever done something nice and out of the ordinary for you?
What did they do?