Friday, August 19, 2011

life update

photo taken by SIL at San Juan Islands

Summer is coming to a close. I have very mixed feelings about it. After summer comes fall and that's when our little boy will be here. But it also means Griffin starts school next week. And it's not going to be just another semester of school. He starts the Accounting Program at BYU (top accounting school in the nation, I might add. Oh so proud.) I have not taken enough advantage of how much time we have been able to spend together this summer. I quit my full time job (finally) and he's only been working part time so we get to wake up together, go on random bike rides, run errands together, etc. We now are poor poor married students with a baby on the way, but I think we needed this time together more than anything before he starts this intense school year and before baby comes. Our 2 year anniversary is coming up next week, which will be a perfect end to a hard but wonderful summer.

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  1. i know old people always say things like this but...
    you will be amazed how soon it will be 10 yrs from now and you will say...
    remember when we were poor college students and had our first little one how much easier life was? we were able to just enjoy each other and take bike rides and life was simple.
    seriously, i promise. love it all gretch. love every minute. you two are such an awesome little family and i can't wait to meet my little great nephew in a couple of months! AND i am also proud of griffin, that is a huge accomplishment to get into that program!!