Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A +

I have been donating blood ever since I was in high school and could get out of class for it. I am now a regular donor. It's a service I love doing, even if it's a little painful sometimes (and I get a little offended every time if they ask me if I'm female.) I was even told I have pediatric blood which means that my blood goes to babies because it's free of a virus that most donors have. They're always looking for more donors so if you are healthy and willing, you should head over to your local American Red Cross or any reputable place to donate.

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  1. uh... this is a GREAT picture of you. LIke... it's supposed to just be a snap shop, but you look super fantastic.

    P.S. I am A+ as well! Good to know you have my back if I ever need an emergency transfusion.