Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day dreaming

It's Griffindor's birthday on Monday, but I keep finding stuff that I want for my birthday. I mean, my birthday is coming up next month and I already got Griff all his presents so it's ok right?
I first saw these on The Daybook. The coolest things ever! Our phone update is coming soon so we're gonna get our iPhone 4s!!! You can bet your bottom dollar mine is gonna be covered up safely in that. Found here.
Ok this isn't so much a product but my pretty friend knows how much I love to fancy up my nails and found this cool new trend.
Feather nails?! Sign me up! Instructions on how-to here.
In our wanderings at Z-Gallerie a few weeks ago, I fell in love with this beauty right here.
It's called the Cuddler Chair. Isn't it perfect? It swivels and is just the softest thing you ever put your bottom on. I can just imagine reading in it for hours and hours. And cuddling of course.
Oh I want to do this. I've wanted to do this project forever (read as years) now.
First found here but they did it too. We even have different lyrics to do.
There it is. My dreamy birthday list.


  1. i love, love, love that poster! now i have that song stuck in my head though.

  2. I missed this post somehow! I love your list! And I want to know your lyrics. You can text them to me so no one will steal them because they are actually probably much better than all the other posters. Ok great. LOVE YOU.