Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh the places we'll go

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Valentine's! We sure had fun. Me & Griffonator decided not to get each other gifts this year but just to go out and have fun. We went to 4 places, all that are significant to us and our relationship.
1. First was dinner at Flour Girls & Dough Boys. It was where we had our first kiss. (There's no pictures but we also went there last year. See picture here.
2. In the kids section of Barnes & Noble was where we first fell in love reading books to each other. (Don't worry there was like 3 other couples doing the same thing the other night. I was a little disappointed.) We saw The Stinky Cheese Man and had to read it.
3. Starbucks was where we had our first date.

4. Last but not least was the hot tub where we met. We went to the actual hot tub where we met at Wolverine Crossing. Nobody else was there it was a miracle! But 5 seconds after we got in, approximetly 20 annoying loud college kids showed up so we decided to hop the fence (literally) to another hot tub we knew about.

Oh I love my Griffin. Here's to the best Valentine I ever had.

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  1. you should have invited amy and me to the hot tub to really really recreate the moment.