Monday, April 25, 2011

best weekend, like, ever

Ok, so I know we were going to Moab, but apparently it's Jeep week and all the campgrounds were taken. So we decided to head west of Moab to Capitol Reef. Best decision ever. It's my new favorite place. Lots of fruit orchards among the big red rocks. Sure it was a little rainy and cold but that gave us nap time, and a chance to take a scenic drive.

This little place, called the Gifford house, is left from when the pioneers lived in the valley. We had a chance to walk through the house and they even had a little shop where they sold home made fruit pies and ice cream. Mmmmm....

Look close! You can see the petroglyphs!

This guy is my favorite person ever!
Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.! We drove home just in time to see our wonderful families, which was a great end to a wonderful weekend.


  1. it was so good to see you! I was upset when my mom said you two might not come!

  2. Okay that looks beautiful! I can't wait to hear about it.