Thursday, April 28, 2011

i've said it before...

This guy is a gem. Pregnancy appears to not be the funnest thing ever. (Go figure.) I thought all the sickness and stuff would be gone by the time 3 months came up. That is not the case for moi. I still get sick (which has always been night sickness instead of morning sickness.) I am tired as heck. My back has been giving me trouble. Blah blah blah and such.
Even with all his school stress and troubles, he manages to take great care of me and baby. He will make dinner AND do the dishes when I don't feel awesome (or have fallen asleep. Whichever happens first.) He even took a much needed trip to the grocery store last night and got lots of yummy, healthy snacks.
What a babe.
I hope everyone has someone like that in their life.

*this is one of my most favorite pictures ever of Griffin. In Ohio at the butterfly exhibit.

On a side note, with all the sleeping I've been doing, some of the weirdest dreams have come about.
A couple nights ago, I got invited to the royal wedding. I was so excited but then it turned out to be this one. Not cool.
And last night, I went ice skating with the Kardashians. Don't be jealous.
Tomorrow is Friday!!!

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  1. I ADORE you two!! I'm sad you're sick still, thats lame :(