Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sounds of summer

One thing I love other than summer movies is summer songs! Some songs just belong in the summer don't you think?
Me & Griff's new favorite is Sunset in July by 311. Please enjoy it on my summer songs playlist and all the other songs of past that remind me of summer.

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What are your summer songs?


  1. haha, so funny, the song 7 Things totally reminds me of summer too! Great playlist :)

  2. okay so your blog is 20384398 times cooler than mine. and I didn't even know you had one haha. I LOVE IT! teach me to be cool like you k?

  3. Song #8 = Summer summer summer. I have SO many good memories to that song and it's all during the summertime! Haha and the potential break up song.. I remember that right after graduation! Haha so funny.

  4. ps I love potential break up too! especially the part "our record needs just one oh baby please please..." Its really a good song to jog to lol.