Friday, July 1, 2011

home sweet home

Is it seriously July?! July 4th?!?! Thats always the halfway mark of summer for me. I can't believe it.
This time last year, we just arrived in Laredo, Texas/ Mexico. I was kind-of bummed about it. See Mexico doesn't celebrate July 4/America's Independance Day. I searched and searched for celebrations but there were none to be found. So we packed up our friends and headed north to San Antonio. We had a blast there but I'm so thankful to be home this year to celebrate with family and friends. I love America. (I also love Mexico ok? Don't forget, we went on our  honeymoon there.)

What's more American than Texas?

The Alamo

Our lovely friends, who made the trek with us. We didn't quite make it to the fireworks (can you see them in the background? Ya, I didn't think so.) This year will be different ya'll.

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  1. I'm glad you're here for the 4th too Gretchen, its much more summery if you are here :). It is a little crazy summer is half way over tho! nnnnnoooooo!!!