Wednesday, July 20, 2011

left my heart on the island

Our trip was heavenly. It was so hard to come home, especially because we have so much going on (moving, job searches, big decisions to make, etc.) But I'm so grateful for the week we had to relax and explore such a beautiful place.

We DID...

  • stop by Pike Place Market on the way to the islands
  • have the perfect weather. 
  • go crabbing. There were tons by our little home on the beach. We had a fish fry on Friday which included crabs that we caught and clams that we dug up! DE-LISH
  • go whale watching. And saw some!!!! Dreams come true.
  • go kayaking around the islands and found some starfish and seals!
  • almost get lost in the fog on a boat trip (freaky)
  • have a bonfire on the beach
  • take a day trip to Friday Harbor
  • see a shark right by the dock! (don't worry, it was only a little sand shark)
  • chillaxed and played to our hearts content 
  • have belly growth spurts (from all the good food. mine was baby+yummy food)
We did NOT
  • want to come home

1 comment:

  1. Cute cute cute. That trip looks like heaven Gretch! You got so lucky with your in-laws!