Monday, August 1, 2011

baby brain

photo of Jackie & little John via

Basically all I think about it is baby. Anytime someone gives me a date for something or I see a date on a movie preview, I say to myself, "We'll have our baby by then!" or "That will be only 1 more month until baby!" I find myself staring at little baby boys in church or at the store, dreaming of when I will have my beautiful boy. I really try not to talk about him all the time for the sake of the people around me but I honestly could talk about baby all day. The excitement of him moving around in my belly. My hopes and dreams for him. My doubts and fears. I dream about him all the time. How he'll have blue eyes like his daddy. All the fun times we'll have together. How he will teach me. Oh, I know there will be plenty of hard times, sleepless nights, and dirty diapers. Is it weird that I can't wait for those too? That will mean that we are a true blue little family, learning and growing, together.

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  1. this got me all choked up. I can't believe it's really gonna happen! We
    think about it all the time too. Love you and your little family!