Monday, October 3, 2011

life is wonderful

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Wow, it's been a while. 
I have just been overwhelmed with joy for so many things, I just needed to share.

  • My wonderful mother and family threw me a fantastic baby shower last weekend. Beautiful soups, and desserts were enjoyed. My beautiful friends and family came and showered baby with cute little books and booties, blankets and hats, cute little outfits. It was a wonderful day and I just won't ever forget it.

  • Me and Griffin washed, dried and folded all of baby's clothes this weekend (which is a lot for someone who is not even born yet. 3 loads of laundry!) As we were going through the clothes, I kept hearing Griff say, "Well that's not cute or anything," or "It's just so tiny!" We can't seem to stop talking about our little man over here. Every once in a while, I will look over and find him just smiling at me and my (rather large) belly and he'll say, "I just want can't wait to hold him." It's just the sweetest thing and makes my (rather large) belly, and many aches and pains, less of a burden.

  • Conference this weekend was just what I needed. I enjoyed every talk and hymn sung. Elder Andersen's talk about families and bearing children was just what I needed to hear. 

  • I could tell you that being home all day most every day is so boring and awful but I get to take naps whenever I want, go to dinner with friends, catch up on some Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, read lots of new books, etc. It's awesome. And the change in weather is so so welcome in my book. 

  • Only 1 more month left! I couldn't ask for more, unless of course our little guy decided to come today...just sayin. 


  1. It really is the simple things. Can't wait to meet your cute boy. And it was so wonderful to see you tonight!

  2. So dang excited! I can't wait to hold him in my arms!

  3. Awe Gretchen this was so sweet and uplifting. Thanks for reminding me to always be grateful :)